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Colour Correction

Calgary's Curly Hair Specialist
Calgary's Curly Hair Specialist

Hair colour correction service is a process of correcting or changing a previously applied hair colour or natural hair colour. It involves various techniques to remove or adjust the existing colour and replace it with the desire shade. 

A consultation is required to discuss your current hair colour and desired outcome and any concerns you may have. We will assess your hair's condition, evaluate the colour and determine the appropriate corrective measures needed. 

The process of colour correction may involve techniques such as colour stripping, bleaching, toning and colour blending. The exact steps will depend of your hair's current condition and the desired results. We will also consider your hair's porosity, texture and previous chemical treatments to achieve the best outcome. 


Keep in mind Colour Correction can be a time consuming and expense process, as it may require multiple sessions to achieve desired result. It is crucial to have realistic expectations and be patient throughout the process. 


Before undergoing a hair colour correction service, its essential to nurture your hair's health. Deep conditioning treatments, moisture rich hydration wash days and products can help prepare your hair for the process and minimize the potential damage. 

The Cost and Service time will be discussed during the Consultation. Price is starting at $350.00 + 

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