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Full Colour

Calgary's Curly Hair Specialist

Full Colour is one solid, single custom formulated colour applied from scalp to ends. If you have regrowth that is 3 inches or more this would also be considered a full colour. Full consultation and quote will be completed prior to service. Service includes wash and style. Full Colour with Curly Haircut includes dry haircut, solid custom colour with wash and style.

** Consultation is required prior to colour services, prices on site and booking site are subject to change. Depending on length of hair and product usage. 


Please come with your hair detangled, dry and no products. Having product in your hair can affects the results of the colour and we wash and  restyle your hair. If your hair is wet on arrival , there will be a $10 service fee. Your hair needs to be dry to perform the haircut and colour.  

Full Colour 

  • 2-2.5 hours

Full Colour with Curly Haircut 

  • 3-3.5 hours 

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